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The Church Mission Society (CMS)

St Chad’s supports CMS, through its contributions to Jane Shaw and John Padwick’s mission work in Pakistan and Kenya. But being ‘mission minded’ is not only to do with going abroad; it is being minded to take the good news of Jesus to any people, anywhere; that includes the UK – and here, in Leeds.
CMS is a ‘member organisation’; supporters are encouraged to be members and share together in the whole work of the Society – financially, prayerfully and practically. Over the next few months, members of CMS, (and I’m one) will be asked to review their membership and consider their commitment to the CMS community in the future. In brief, CMS is about being or working towards these 7 things.

The seven promises
The mission spirituality of the CMS Community

Mission of God in Christ
1. To participate in the life and mission of the community so as to engage more fully in God’s transforming mission amongst all peoples in all places.

Image of God restored
2. To encourage the transformation of individuals, communities and societies by sharing Jesus and encouraging others to become his disciples.



Serving Christ in others
3. To discern and live out my vocation, my mission service – encouraging and learning from others in theirs.

Sharing the Good News
4. To follow the Lord Jesus daily, witnessing to his love in everything I am, say or do, and with all the resources that I have, encouraging others to do the same.

Inspiration for daily life
5. To shape my life by regular prayer, Bible reading, study, reflection and mutual encouragement (one possible pattern of prayer is the CMS Daily).

Outcomes in local-global mission
6. To be part of a local Christian community, working to see its life shaped by the global ministry of Jesus and by sharing in the mission of the worldwide church.

New life in the Spirit
7. To participate in the regular review and renewal of discipleship and the life of the community, reviewing personal ‘rhythms of life’, and being open to sharing with others.

Want to find out more?
Visit the CMS website or look for the magazines on the table at the back of church.