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Fireworks (Sunday Club)

For children at school, this group meets each Sunday in the school term-time, except the 2nd Sunday of the month. On these occasions the youngsters join the informal worship in Church. Nichola Holmes


Especially for pre-school and nursery class children, this group meets on Sunday mornings during the school term-time, except the 2nd Sunday of each month when many members join the congregation in church for Parish Praise. Bible stories are heard and discussed, songs are sung, models made and cards coloured all in the context of learning about God and his family. Jan Hemming

Busy Bees

A new group "Busy Bees" will meet in the Crèche area at the back of Church during the sermon. It will be led by different people, including parents of the children themselves. If members of the congregation would like to be involved in leading a session for the Busy Bees please could you let Tom Lusty or Helen Reid know.

Group for Year 6 children

This was a new group set up which aims to provide discussion based teaching from the Bible for Year 6 youngsters. We started with a cosy chat in bar area of the Church Hall during the refurbishment process. We take a theme, read what the Bible says and then talk about it, what it means to us. We use various tools to discuss the topics – mind maps, brain storming, charades, beetle diagrams, maps of the bible lands and conversation. At the end of the end of the group we pray and ask God's help with what we have learnt and say the Lord's Prayer together. Mary Stewart

Sunday Club - a day in the life

Ever wondered what happens in Sunday Club when we leave the adults and choir in church? Here is a snapshot from ‘Fireworks' (the group for 5-10 year olds), describing what happened on 30th June.

Three girls from Sparklers came on a visit to Fireworks, so they can see what it is like before they move up in autumn. We all introduced ourselves saying our names and favourite colours, and then played games and talked about ‘rules and freedom'. They joined in well and it will be great to have them in Fireworks all the time soon.

We looked at the fruits of the Spirit, as described by Paul in Galatians. The children drew symbols, patterns and pictures on a disc for each of the qualities named. They came up with some great artwork. If you were asked to draw a picture for patience – what would you draw? One drew a picture of the steeple at St Chad's and talked about the patience of the people working on it day after day, month after month. Another drew a cloud almost covering the sun, and talked about waiting patiently for the sunshine. They all tried their best at this activity and they expressed their understanding of patience extremely well.

After Church and Sunday Club, a group of children aged 3-9 practised for Sports Day out on the grassy area. They ran races, threw bean bags at targets and tried jumping in sacks. Everybody joined in and had fun; the parents enjoyed watching and chatting too. We have all age worship in church, this was all age fun outside.

Helen Reid




Autumn Term 2014

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