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Following Adrian Alker's sermon preached at the Parish Communion on 23rd January a number of the congregation expressed interest in reading it. Adrian has provided a copy which is available in the March Parish Magazine and also here as a pdf file.

Be inspired afresh by the Bible – E100

You may have read about the ‘E100 Challenge', to encourage those who don't already, to start reading the bible, using the 100 ‘essential' readings suggested.

The programme is flexible; it can be used by individuals but it is even more powerful when a group of people read the passages and engage with them together: at both Home Groups this term, we'll use this scheme as a ‘starter' for discussion. If you'd like to be part of a group to read with, and don't fancy joining an established group, please have a word with me. There are notes available (£5), to go with the readings which you may find useful. If you'd like some please ask.

I hope this scheme will encourage people to develop a regular habit of spending more time with God, reading the Bible and praying.

To find out more there's a website, or have a word…

Peter Hemming



The Bible Reading Fellowship

Bible Reading at St Chad’s – Thank You!

Daily Bible Reading is a good habit to have, but often we don’t quite know where to start, or where to find a simple guide to what we might think to read.

After 15 years as St Chad’s ‘Procurement and Distribution’ person for the Bible Reading Fellowship notes, Christopher Wenban is standing down this month. He took this job on from Stephen Mascall in 2000: and Stephen’s Dad, Ronald Mascall, had done the job for many years before him! Christopher now feels it is time to hand the job on to someone younger and Hilary Larkin has kindly volunteered to be that person!

So, if you are looking for some accessible notes to help you get into the habit of reading your Bible every day, then please get in touch with Hilary – you even get a discount by ordering a year ahead. The next new notes for May will arrive in much the same way as they have before. Hilary’s phone number is 278 2391.

If you’d like to get notes daily electronically, then visit where you will be guided as to how to subscribe. There are also the Scripture Union notes available from the SU Word Live website: where the notes are available ‘free’, though I’d strongly encourage anyone to subscribe.

So – thank you Christopher again for your years of service!

Peter Hemming