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Headingley Team Ministry

Headingley Team Ministry came into full and formal existence on 1st April 2014
A summarised and edited version of the proposal for the formation of the team ministry can be read here.

A full version can be read here


NGT Trolleybus - the impact on St Chad’s

Following last month’s article on the trolleybus scheme, I thought it would be helpful to summarise how St Chad’s PCC has responded to the proposals. The PCC has decided to focus its comments on the direct impacts on St Chad’s land. A formal objection has been sent to the Secretary of State for Transport. It addresses three main issues:

1) Trees
Four trees in front of the Parish Centre grassed area, on Leeds City Council owned land, would definitely be removed and replaced with ‘super-trees’ nearby. It is unclear whether other trees would be felled or merely pruned. The tree survey conducted on behalf of the NGT Team contains inaccuracies and leaves many questions answered. We are looking for clarity about the number of trees affected, particularly those on land owned by the Church, and we have objected to the loss of trees which help to define the landscape around St Chad’s.

2) Bus Stop and Street Alterations
On safety grounds, we objected to the loss of a right turning lane for traffic turning into the Church drive. The PCC was also unhappy about the position of the relocated bus stop, immediately to the North of the drive entrance. It was felt that this could create a physical and visual obstruction, particularly for vehicles leaving the Church drive.

3) Access to the St Chad’s Site During Construction
The plans allow for the Church drive to be closed during construction of the trolleybus scheme. We have objected to this on the grounds of the unacceptable impact this would have on the day to day running of the Church and Parish Centre, not to mention access to the Vicarage, Cricket Club and Tennis Club.

The Department of Transport has acknowledged our objection and has invited the PCC to be represented at the Public Inquiry expected to be held around May 2014. Meanwhile we await a response from the NGT Team to our specific points.

Helen Steele, on behalf of St Chad’s PCC



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Give As You Earn
Give As You Earn is an easy, hassle-free way for you to make regular donations to charity straight from your pay and is the most tax-effective way for individuals to give regularly. Your company will probably take care of the paperwork so all you have to do is fill in a simple form, specifying the amount you wish to donate each pay day. A number of employers will also match the donations their employees make.
If you would like to use this scheme to contribute to St.Chad's then please contact your employer with the following details:

Organisation: St.Chad's Christian Stewardship Committee
Give As You Earn Reg.No: 00103199
Inland Revenue Reg.No: XN4478
Bank Address: Natwest Plc, Headingley
Sort Code: 60 12 39
Account No: 72123869

Thank you to everyone who has given this issue some consideration. St.Chad's is reliant on each of us making our financial as well as our personal contribution to its life and work.