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Lent Project 2013

During Lent we collected money to put a roof on a new church being built for families displaced after floods in December 2011. This has now been passed on to Simon and Laura to give to Padre Mtweve, the priest, and the congregation at St Monica's Tegeta who are looking after the new church. So, Laura wrote...

‘Thank you!

‘We told Padre Mtweve that £1246 had been raised for the church at Mabwe Pande and he was delighted; he said that they will be able to build up the walls to half way too,with a foundation. We will collect the money and pass it on to St Monica's: they will receive and manage the money as they have a committee for buildings. It will be



great and you have done an excellent job in encouraging, cajoling and inspiring. One of the Sunday School teachers from Mabwe Pande has already been on a seminar with our two teachers from St Monica's so it seems that they are really serious about their kids as well. Isn't that an encouragement?

‘It is a great work you have all done! 

‘Love to and thanks to everyone at St. Chad's.

‘With much love, Laura and Simon'

Peter Hemming